Countdown clock/speaker timer

Hello everyone!

I'm a brand-new ON24 user. I'm moving to this sytem from one that had a built-in countdown clock for our presenters. One of our monthly webinars is always *packed* with presenters and information, and we rely on that countdown clock to keep everyone on track. Now, I know ON24 doesn't have this, so I am wondering how the rest of you manage this - without interrupting the speaker.

Anyone have thoughts or ideas?

Hi Lea, I always just give the PRESENTER a gentle wrap-up message via the presenter manager chat interface. As long as you're not too spam'y (sending too many messages that they start ignoring you) they'll wrap.

Hi Lea

Our sessions typically run about an hour and when reach the 30 in/30 to go mark i start using the team chat to give them time stamps ever 10 mins for example “40 mins in … 20 min to go” . That way they can adjust the subject matter accordingly …I quickly found out early on presenters don’t like " 5 min left wrap it up" to be the 1st time check they get :grinning:

We make it a point to get the cell phone number for each of our speakers, If they are straying from the plan we created during our coordination call, shooting them a text is my last line of defense.

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I think this is a great idea for future functionality. Our speakers have a lot of content to cover and would be well served with a in platform timer specifically for the presenter.

For now, we have timers in the presenter room that track time on the call. But it’s theirs to manage.